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The Beachwood East Eruv Society, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide and  maintain an eruv district that  encompasses parts of Beachwood, OH.

An eruv is a bounded space within which Jews who adhere to traditional religious law can "carry" objects in public spaces on the Sabbath, something they are normally prohibited from doing. "Carrying" in this context includes everything from toting bags and water bottles to pushing strollers and wheelchairs. An eruv, therefore, is of great benefit to families with small children, the elderly, and the disabled. Consisting of existing embankments, utility wires, lampposts, etc., the boundary is a real physical entity, albeit invisible to all but the trained eye. 

For decades there has been the desire to provide an eruv eastward beyond Richmond Rd, where the Cleveland Eruv  stops.  As a means of establishing this eruv, the Beachwood East Eruv Society (BEES) was incorporated in March, 2019, as a non-profit [501(c) 3] organization dedicated to developing and administering the BEES eruv. 

In collaboration with Rabbi Ari Spiegler of Beachwood Kehilla, Rabbi Naphtali Bernstein of Young Israel, and Rabbi Binyamin Blau of Green Road Synagogue, BEES retained Rabbi Howard Chaim Jachter of Teaneck, NJ, a nationally recognized halachic authority on eruvim, to design the boundary. Rabbi Jachter visited Beachwood twice, conferring with the local rabbis and scrupulously inspecting the proposed area.  

Before construction began, BEES received permission from the city of Beachwood and all relevant entities. 

Funds are needed at this time and we ask that you please consider a contribution.  Checks should be sent to Beachwood East Eruv Society, Inc., c/o Orry Jacobs, Treasurer, 25800 Annesley Rd., Beachwood, OH 44122. 


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